Xda google pay not working on rooted phone

If you already have an Android phone, please continue reading this post. If not, please continue with Step #1.οΏ½To learn how to unlock your bootloader, check this article: How To Unlock Your Bootloader Without a Computer

Step 1: Install ADB & Fastboot onto your computer. If you do not already have these installed, download and install them via Google Play Store or use these links: ADB & Fastboot (Windows) | ADB & Fastboot (Mac)

Step 2: Download TWRP recovery image files from here. Copy Recovery ROM Zip from your computer (this will be your twrp_recovery. IMG file). DO NOT rename or change the name of this file so that when we flash it, it will be recognized by HTC Sense!

If rooted and have pay enabled, you can use Google Pay to store credit cards and other payment information!

If you’re rooted and have Google Pay enabled, you can use it to store credit cards and other payment information.

To enable Google Pay:

Google has stopped supporting Android M (Marshmallow) phones and tablets because of the inability to add money to accounts using Google apps. I will follow up with steps that can be used despite being rooted!

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