WinCo Apple Valley Hourly Pay Rate

WinCo is a great company to work for if you enjoy helping people. However, you will have to prove yourself before you can advance. As a customer service representative, you must be good at dealing with people and enjoy working with people. Staff members at WinCo become very friendly and can get to know each other. For this reason, staying within your lane and proving yourself as a customer service representative is essential.


If you’re considering a career in customer service, a job at WinCo in Apple Valley, California, may be right for you. The company offers hourly pay rates from $24 to $32, depending on location and type of job. In addition, WinCo provides competitive wages and benefits. Its benefits include tuition reimbursement, employee assistance, discounts, and pet insurance. Employees in customer service positions are responsible for accurately and timely processing orders.


If you want to work at WinCo Foods, there are a variety of benefits you can expect to receive. These benefits include competitive hourly pay rates and a wide variety of career advancement opportunities. Employees can also access tuition reimbursement, employee assistance, discount programs, and pet insurance. Working at WinCo Foods means processing customer orders safely and accurately, and you will be responsible for following company guidelines.

Work environment

The WinCo Apple Valley location is known for its positive work environment. Approximately 68% of WinCo employees are satisfied with their work environment. This organization values a collaborative atmosphere, excellent communication skills, and high moral standards. Employees are offered competitive wages and career advancement opportunities. The company provides health insurance, tuition reimbursement, and employee assistance programs. Employees are also eligible to participate in a discount program and pet insurance.

WinCo’s Retention score has been stable over the last month. Employees of Hispanic or Latino origin, those with 6 to 10 years of experience, and those with Over ten years of experience are most satisfied with the company’s environment. The company is ranked in the Bottom 20% of similar-sized companies and the Bottom 10% of companies in the region.

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