Uncovering the Truth Behind How Much Amazon Pays Its Delivery Drivers

Overview of Amazon Delivery Driver Pay

Amazon delivery driver pay is excellent for making money on your schedule. The company pays its drivers a competitive hourly rate and offers additional benefits such as mileage reimbursement and flexible hours. Drivers are responsible for delivering packages to customers promptly and safely and taking all the necessary precautions when handling containers.

Amazon delivery driver pay is based on an hourly rate and is calculated based on the average number of packages delivered and the average time to complete a delivery. Drivers are also eligible to receive mileage reimbursement for each delivery. The amount of refund varies based on the distance of the drive.

In addition to the hourly rate and mileage reimbursement, Amazon delivery drivers can also receive additional bonuses. For example, Amazon rewards drivers who complete a certain number of deliveries within a certain period. The bonus amount varies based on the number of deliveries completed and the timeframe.

Amazon delivery drivers also benefit from flexible hours and the ability to set their schedules. This allows them to work when it is convenient for them and to take time off when needed. They also work with various people and locations, which can be a great experience.

The job of an Amazon delivery driver is both rewarding and challenging. Drivers must be able to drive safely, handle packages with care, and have excellent customer service skills. Drivers must also be reliable and have valid driver’s licenses.

Overall, Amazon delivery driver pay is an excellent opportunity for those looking for a flexible job with competitive pay and additional bonuses. Drivers should be aware of the requirements and responsibilities that come with the job and should have the necessary skills to be successful. If you are considering becoming an Amazon delivery driver, research the company and the pay structure before signing up.

How Much Does Amazon Pay Per Mile?

Amazon has a very generous compensation package for its delivery drivers. The amount they pay per mile varies depending on the delivery route, but generally, they pay $0.58 per mile. This rate is based on the IRS standard mileage rate of $0.58 per mile for business expenses.

For those interested in becoming an Amazon delivery driver, a few factors may affect how much Amazon pays per mile. These factors include the vehicle type, the number of stops on the route, and the delivery location.

For instance, Amazon may pay more for delivery drivers who use commercial vehicles, as these vehicles are more significant and can fit more packages. The number of stops on the route may also affect the rate, as the more stops a driver has to make, the more time and gas they’ll need to spend on the road. Finally, the delivery location will also have an effect, as Amazon may pay more for deliveries in remote areas or areas with bad weather.

In addition to the mileage rate, Amazon offers its drivers generous bonuses for completing their routes quickly and accurately. Prizes can range from $10 to $15 per route, adding up over a month.

Overall, Amazon pays its delivery drivers very competitively. With the mileage rate and bonuses, drivers can earn a decent wage from Amazon.

Other Factors that Affect Driver Pay

In addition to mileage and freight rate, other factors can affect a driver’s pay. These include the length of their route, the type of load they are hauling, the truck they are driving, and the availability of jobs in the area.

Length of Route

Long-haul truckers are typically paid more than local drivers due to the extended travel time and additional responsibilities associated with long-haul routes. Long-haul routes can take weeks to complete and require drivers to manage their sleep, food, and fuel. Additionally, they often work with multiple shippers, requiring them to be organized and efficient.

Type of Load

The type of load, a driver, is hauling can also affect their pay. Hazmat loads are typically more hazardous and require additional safety precautions. Thus, drivers carrying these loads are often paid more than drivers hauling standard loads. Additionally, drivers hauling refrigerated cargo may earn more due to the specialized training and equipment necessary to transport these loads safely.

Type of Truck

The type of truck a driver is operating can also affect their pay. Drivers of smaller vehicles, such as pickup trucks, may earn less than drivers of larger ones, such as semi-trucks. This is due to the greater responsibility associated with operating larger vehicles.

Availability of Jobs

The availability of jobs in an area can also affect a driver’s pay. In areas with many trucking companies competing for drivers, payment may be lower than in areas with fewer competitors. Additionally, in areas with a high driver demand, pay may be higher as companies compete to attract more drivers.

Pros and Cons of Being an Amazon Delivery Driver

Being an Amazon delivery driver can be an excellent opportunity for many people. It allows them to set their hours, work in their vehicle and make a steady income. However, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of this type of job before taking it on. Here are some pros and cons of being an Amazon delivery driver.


1. Flexible Schedule: One of the most significant advantages of being an Amazon delivery driver is the flexibility of the schedule. You can choose when to work and how many hours you want to put in. This is great for those who have other commitments or need to fit their job into their lifestyle.

2. Good Pay: Amazon delivery drivers are paid a flat rate per package, which means you can make a good income if you are willing to put in the hours.

3. Variety: Amazon delivery drivers can see many different parts of their city and meet various people as they make their deliveries. This can be a great way to explore new places and get to know your community.


1. Working Conditions: Amazon delivery drivers must work in their vehicles and often in extreme weather conditions. This can be difficult to manage and uncomfortable at times.

2. Physical Demands: Amazon delivery drivers must be able to lift heavy packages and maneuver them into tight spaces. This can tax the body and lead to injury if not done correctly.

3. Stressful: Amazon delivery drivers are pressured to complete their deliveries as quickly as possible. This can create a stressful work environment and cause burnout if not appropriately managed.

Being an Amazon delivery driver can be an excellent job for those looking for flexibility and a steady income. However, it is essential to understand the pros and cons of this type of job before taking it on.

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