Volunteer Opportunities at Life Church

There are several ways to serve in the Life Church. Some teams specialize in specific tasks. Among them are the Life Group hosts, Baptism team, Missions team, and Special care team. You can serve in one of these roles or combine several tasks to help the Life Church reach the community. In either case, your role will be critical to the church’s success.

Life Group hosts

As a Life Group host, you’ll help to lead an essential part of Life Church. You’ll have the opportunity to build relationships and share your life story with like-minded people. You’ll also have the opportunity to serve the poor and unprivileged. As a Life Group host, you’ll receive training and ongoing support.

Life Groups are small groups that meet during the week. They provide a place for new members to connect with other believers and grow spiritually. Members can choose to stay with a group or move on to a different one. Life Groups provide an opportunity to connect with people from different backgrounds and experiences and can be a very effective way to get to know new members of a church.

In addition to leading Life Groups, volunteers help the church in other ways. Guests and members often receive free parking. The parking team also assists newcomers in locating parking spaces. Life Church also has a greeter team, which welcomes visitors with a smile. After they enter the auditorium, greeters will direct guests to their appropriate group. On the other hand, the guest services team answers questions, guides visitors, and provides information about the church. This team serves as the hub for information about Life Church.

Baptism team

If you’re interested in getting involved with a baptism at Life Church, there are several ways to get involved. Join the baptism team by volunteering for one of the many different roles. Volunteers help plan and coordinate the whole process, from the preparation of the event to the actual baptism. Volunteers include Guest Services members who greet and assist participants, Hosts who stay with them after the baptism, Logistics members who serve as line coordinators and ladder holders, and Photographers who capture special moments throughout the service. There’s also an Event Coordinator who pulls everything together and ensures the baptism goes off.

The baptism team helps facilitate the experience of baptism, providing baptismal candidates with supplies and praying for them. Creatives utilize their gifts to reach the community by creating videos and stories of life transformation, incorporating creative elements into worship experiences, and creating weekly news packages. Aside from being a part of the baptism team, you can also serve on a different team and help make Life Church a great place to worship.

Missions team

The Life Church Missions team is a ministry committed to serving the world. We partner with missionaries, church plants, and orphanages to share the love of Jesus and reach the lost. Missions teams organize short-term mission trips and participate in many different activities. They travel across the country and around the world to share the love of Jesus.

Some ministry opportunities include visiting the sick and shut-ins, evangelizing the homeless, and hosting funerals. Our volunteers also visit hospitals to pray and share the gospel with patients and their families. The team also opens the auditorium doors for these special events. In addition to these activities, our missionaries perform community projects such as raising funds for mission trips.

One of the mission trips this summer was to Nashville Mercy, where the Life Church missions team served alongside Mercy Multiplied. The team was made up of eleven Godly women. The founders of Life Church are long-time friends with Mercy Multiplied, and their lead pastors have partnered with the nonprofit for years. Because of this partnership, the team was already familiar with the mission of Mercy Multiplied. They cleaned bathrooms, reorganized closets, flipped mattresses, and held a cookout for the residents.

Special care team

The Special care team at Life Church provides compassionate care for individuals with various medical conditions. They coordinate meal preparation and notify Life Group leaders of the specific needs of individuals. The team also organizes events for children and families. Whether in kindergarten or high school, the team serves students and families with special needs.

Life Church’s Special care team comprises people with varying skills and responsibilities. Visit the sick and shut-ins in hospitals and share the gospel. Others are creatives who use their talents to reach a broad spectrum of people. They produce videos that tell stories of life transformation and create creative elements of worship experiences. They also generate news packages each week.

Tools and assessments for leadership

Using personal assessments is an excellent way to understand your personality and leadership style better. Using the Myers-Briggs test, for example, can give you insight into your traits and work styles. Another famous trial, the Leadership Style Assessment, helps you better understand your work.

This assessment is a great way to discover who is best suited for different roles within a leadership team. The results can also be used for future training. A couple of people in a leadership role is vital for a church to function optimally. A diverse group of people can make for a more cohesive leadership team.

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