Restaurants That Have Apple Pay Near Me

Whether looking for a quick bite to eat or to treat yourself to gourmet dining, you will find plenty of restaurants that offer apple pay near you. These are great ways to save money and pay for food without carrying a credit card. You can choose from several different restaurants to find the one that is perfect for you.

Anthony’s Pizza and Chicken Wings

Founded in 2002, Anthony’s Pizza and Chicken Wings has grown to over 60 locations in eight states. The chain specializes in Italian plates, charred crust pies, and chicken wings.

The chain uses POSitouch software that allows full analytics and menu customization by location. The company also has an aptly named loyalty program, the Coal Fired Rewards. The Coal Fired Rewards will enable you to receive special discounts and promotions in return for your loyalty. The company has also gotten in on the Apple Pay craze, providing a convenient way to pay with your iPhone.

The pizza may be the show’s star, but the wings are the real deal. Anthony’s serves up roasted wings in both the traditional and healthful versions. These wings are not fried but rather roasted in a coal-fired oven at 800 degrees. They are served with either ranch or blue cheese dressing.

The restaurant also has an ad campaign that is worth a look. In honor of Veterans Day, Anthony’s offers a free 12-inch traditional pizza when you sign up for the Coal Fired Rewards program.

The company also has a solid online ordering system. You can place your order on their main page or use third-party delivery apps such as Uber Eats or GrubHub. The site is also an excellent place to browse the menu.

The website also has many extras, including a bonus gift card.

Cold Stone

Whether traveling to the Big Apple or are just a regular Joe, you will be happy to know that Cold Stone has apple pay near me. This famous ice cream parlor boasts over 1,300 locations in 20 countries worldwide.

This upscale ice cream chain offers a unique experience thanks to talented artists who can roll up several ingredients and tame them into a work of art. To accentuate the flavor, the company offers a range of toppings to choose from.

In addition to ice cream, the company offers a range of other grub, including shakes, pastries, and dine-in or take-out service. In addition to Apple Pay, you can use a surprisingly good selection of payment methods at Cold Stone. Most locations offer cash back, but some areas may not, so it is always best to call before you go.

The company’s “Scoop It Up” program is also an excellent place to start. The program is designed to help create customers and entertainers alike. This is best exemplified by their “Scoop It Up” award, which is their best of the best for the best scoop in the category. The prize is awarded to the most inventive and imaginative inside.

Apple has also made it easier to find restaurants and stores that accept Apple Pay by making it a part of Apple Maps. The site’s “Useful to Know” section makes it easy to see which restaurants are Apple Pay-friendly.

Dave and Buster’s

Whether you’re a kid or looking for a place for the whole family, Dave & Buster’s is the place to go. It’s an American restaurant and arcade that caters to all ages and offers a variety of foods, games, and prizes.

If you’re a new customer, you can sign up for the Dave & Buster’s Rewards program and get 50 percent off your entire purchase. The promotion is available until the end of January. However, you’ll need to create an account on the mobile App to take advantage of the promotion.

Dave & Buster’s mobile App allows you to play games, take advantage of loyalty rewards, and make contactless transactions. It’s available for Apple and Android devices. It uses a near-field communications chip, so your iPhone can play arcade games without a plastic card.

You can download the App from the Apple App Store. It’s free to download. Dave & Buster’s mobile App will also allow you to manage your loyalty rewards. It will also help you earn rewards points, which can be redeemed for free food or other prizes.

The Dave & Buster app is also available for Apple Watch users. When you download it, you’ll be able to access your rewards account and use it to make purchases in-store.

The App is free to download, and it’s easy to use. You can play arcade games, take advantage of loyalty rewards, and use contactless transactions.


Founded in Utah four years ago, Crumble is an innovative cookie and ice cream franchise. It offers over 140 cookie and ice cream flavors. The signature snacks are made fresh from the oven every day. Each week, Crumble releases four to five new flavors.

Crumble has more than 200 bakeries across the country. The company plans to open 50 more locations in the next few years. It offers a variety of flavors based on popular desserts and beverages. Some signature flavors include caramel apple, churros, and a milk chocolate chip cookie.

Crumble has an impressive social media presence. They have over 1.1 million followers on TikTok and 56.9 million likes on Facebook. They also have a large following on Instagram. They recently released a flavor drop that drove 153,000 likes on TikTok and 80,000 likes on Instagram.

The Crumble Cookie Franchise app allows customers to browse the menu, order cookies, and pick them up at the store. The App also includes local delivery options. Customers can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or contactless payments in-store or on the App.

The Crumble Cookies franchise was launched in 2017 and has since opened more than 200 locations nationwide. Crumb’s founders are former technologists who wanted to establish a digitally advanced company. They found Crumble to have more family members involved in the process.


Using Apple Pay is a great way to pay at restaurants. It offers a highly secure and convenient way to pay for your food. This method also allows you to use your fingerprint to make payments. In addition to eliminating the hassle of carrying too many credit cards, you’ll save big over time.

In addition to Apple Pay, DoorDash also accepts digital gift cards. These gift cards allow you to buy your favorite local foods without a credit card. You can purchase these cards using your phone or tablet.

When you find a restaurant on the DoorDash app, you can search using the white icon with a curved red line. This icon allows you to see if the restaurant accepts Apple Pay. Alternatively, you can find restaurants that accept other types of digital payment.

DoorDash has a pretty busy interface. It offers real-time tracking and a variety of other features. The App allows you to search for restaurants using various filters, including the type of food, price range, delivery time, and distance. This App also allows you to add promotions and promo codes to your order.

DoorDash is one of the most extensive food delivery services in the US and Canada. It competes with other food delivery services, including GrubHub and Postmates. The company also delivers groceries, snacks, household products, and alcohol. Currently, the company operates in 4,000 cities across the United States and Canada.

Ice cream majors

Using Apple Pay to make a purchase is a no-brainer. The best part is, you don’t have to leave the house. Apple Pay is also a winner when it comes to desserts. You can find a wide variety of flavors at participating locations. And if you need a dessert to go with your cocktail, you can do so at your leisure. Some restaurants offer dine-in, dine-out, and a la carte options. So, if you’re feeling hungry or thirsty, there’s no reason to head off to the nearest Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. So, if you’re in the market for a scoop of ice cream, you can do so easily. Using Apple Pay to make a purchase will undoubtedly go down a treat with your guests. The only downside is that you may have to wait for the staff to spit out your ice cream if you’re lucky. Luckily, the team at participating locations is typically friendly and courteous. After all, you’re there to have a good time. This is not to mention the dozens of sites in the metro area open late.

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