How Can I Use Apple Pay at the Gas Station?


Using Apple Pay at a gas station can be a very convenient way to pay. However, keep a few things in mind when you are thinking about if you want to use this payment method.

Circle K

Whether on a road trip or having a late-night snack, convenience stores satisfy your thirst. Convenience stores could save you from a sticky situation if you forget your wallet at home.

For example, Apple Pay is a great way to pay for gas at the pump. You can use the App at your local Circle K station. You can also download the CITGO app to find nearby gas stations.

Aside from the aforementioned mobile payment solution, Circle K has refueling and lubricant services. And the company has fuel-efficient vehicles for those who like to drive in style.

In addition to Apple Pay, Circle K also has its mobile App, which allows users to pay for gas with a few taps of the iPhone. The Circle K app is easy to use and has features such as a fuel gauge, a pump number indicator, and a map. Moreover, Circle K also offers a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, gift cards, and even PayPal.

However, you’re not going to see Circle K accept Apple Pay at every gas station, so you might need to do a bit of hunting. For example, some gas stations in the Chevron chain don’t accept it, while others do.

Circle K Easy Pay is also a debit card linked to your Circle K bank account. This type of card offers you discounts on gasoline.


Using the Shell mobile app to pay for gas is a great way to avoid the hassle of carrying multiple cards and waiting in line. This App also helps users find the most affordable gas prices. It also allows users to find stations near them.

The Shell mobile app allows users to pre-pay for gas in the App and to view their gas price as it changes. It also has a mobile payment calculator. These features make paying for gas easier than ever before.

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Users can also link their Shell-branded credit cards and debit cards to the App. This allows users to pay for gas in the App while also getting fuel discounts at participating Shell stations.

Users can also use their Shell FCU debit card as a contactless reader at Shell stations. This makes the experience even safer than using a credit card.

Apple Pay is also a great way to pay for gas at Shell. It uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to allow users to tap their iPhones to a contactless reader at the pump. It also uses a touch I.D. for authentication.

If you want to use Apple Pay to pay for gas at Shell, it is recommended that you use the Shell app. This App allows you to add your Shell card to your Apple Wallet. It also allows you to use the Shell mobile payment calculator. It can be downloaded from the App store.


Texaco gas stations are now accepting Apple Pay. This is a new payment method, and many gas stations have updated their payment systems to accept Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is an easy and secure way to make purchases at gas stations. There are three steps to get started. First, you need to download an app. The App supports American Express, Visa, and MasterCard cards. It is also compatible with the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Once you have the App on your iPhone, you need to link your card to the Apple Wallet. Once you have done that, you can pay for your fuel at the pump. You’ll also be able to save your cards for future contactless payments. You can use a gift card or an American Express gift card if you do not have a credit card.

You can find out which gas stations accept Apple Pay using the Apple Maps application. The Maps application is helpful because it allows you to search for nearby gas stations. Texaco and Chevron gas stations are among those gas stations that accept Apple Pay.

Apple Pay has a few restrictions. First, you need to verify your identity. You can do this by using a Face ID or a Touch ID. If you cannot verify your identity, you will need to wait a few minutes to try again.

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You can also pay for your fuel at Texaco with PayPal or Venmo. This option allows you to use an account you already have or create a new one.


Whether filling your tank or checking out a new smartphone, you’ll need to know how to pay at a Wawa gas station. You can use cash or a credit card, or you can get a hefty discount if you use the Wawa app. The App has a built-in feature to scan a virtual order slip.

The Wawa app’s features include ordering from a catalog and paying for your fuel. The App also has a unique feature for filling up before the holidays. Using the App, you can save 15% of your energy.

To pay for your gas, you’ll need to tap the App on your iPhone, or Apple watches to a reader that accepts contactless payments. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to swipe your credit card or pay with an Apple Pay-compatible debit card.

The App also has an in-store function, allowing you to make a mobile order and pay for it in-store. If you don’t want to use the App, you can also pay at the pump or register for a Wawa MasterCard to make in-store purchases.

In short, Apple Pay is a convenient and secure way to pay at Wawa gas stations. While many gas stations accept Apple Pay, the App is unavailable at every gas station. Luckily, the Wawa app is available on both iOS and Android.

Exxon Mobil

iPhone users can now use Apple Pay at Exxon Mobil gas stations. Apple’s mobile payment service is currently available at nearly 6,000 Exxon and Mobil stations throughout the U.S. In mid-2019, Exxon is planning to expand Apple Pay to another 2,000 locations.

Exxon is one of the first gas companies to implement mobile payments. The company already has a contactless Speedpass system. The new in-app, in-store approach will make the fill-up experience more convenient for consumers.

To use Apple Pay at Exxon Mobil locations, customers must be enrolled in the company’s rewards program. Those who register will receive 3% Daily Cash, a form of cashback, every day. This incentive is a great way to promote contactless payments.

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Customers will be prompted to select a pump number when they enter an Exxon Mobil gas station. The App then uses GPS to find the pump. It then asks whether the customer would like a paper or digital receipt. Depending on the pump number, the App will either offer to start the payment process or store the token for later use.

After making a purchase, the customer will receive a virtual receipt in the Exxon Mobil Speedpass+ app. The App can be downloaded for free on both Apple and Android devices. It allows the user to authorize the purchase with either a thumbprint or a Touch ID.


Using Apple Pay at Chevron gas stations may seem like a no-brainer. It’s a convenient and reliable way to pay at the pump. However, there are still some things to know before using this feature.

First, it’s important to note that Apple Pay is only available at some Chevron stations. However, the company plans to integrate it into more than 3,000 stations in the U.S. before the end of the year.

For now, Apple Pay is only available at fuel dispensers. However, the company says that it’s working on expanding its Apple Pay capabilities at remaining Chevron and Texaco convenience stores.

Using the App will allow you to earn rewards for future gas purchases. You’ll also have the option to link your PayPal or Venmo accounts to the App, allowing you to pay from your phone instead of your wallet.

It’s also possible to use Apple Pay at Chevron gas stations by navigating to a station that accepts mobile payments. The company has launched a pilot program in the Bay Area and will soon launch it in other parts of the country.

The best part is that Apple Pay is safe and secure. The App replaces your credit card number with a unique transaction code. It also puts a temporary charge on your fuel, but it’s later reversed.

In the Chevron mobile app, you’ll be able to link your credit card, debit card, PayPal, or Venmo account to the mobile payment feature. After you’ve selected a payment method, you’ll be prompted to fill up your vehicle.

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