Google pay referral code not working

If you still need to learn, commenting on other threads is a great way to learn and share knowledge. However, I’m keeping this thread strictly about the referral code topic. Any questions regarding Google spreadsheets and Quickbooks should be posted in this thread:

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The Google pay referral program provides a good referral code on your payment page.

Google Pay referral program is a way to get more customers. It’s the same as any other referral program, but with one difference: you can use your own Google Pay referral code on your payment page. When someone clicks on that link and signs up for an account with their phone, they’ll receive a bonus of $10 in their history.

If you want to use this feature and make money off of it yourself, then all we need from you is two simple steps:

You can still make money with Google Adsense after 4/5 years. It’s a sad fact, but it’s true. Many readers have been waiting for an explanation from me, but I’ve just not had time to do it. But I will soon, I promise!

Are you still making money with Google Adsense after 4/5 years of working hard and earning per day (that is per week)? I am still making money with it after five years. Here is the proof:

I have been using Google Adsense since 2011, almost four years ago, and I started making money in 2013. How many people can say that? Lucky?

How much passive income should we earn monthly?

Get paid every week or month: You may think, “Hey! I don’t get paid every week”. You do because you are born in your bank every Friday (or whatever day of the week you use as your payment date). If your payment date is Monday, you will get paid Friday. You may think, how come they pay on Friday or “always” instead of any other day of the week? Why can’t they pay me daily or weekly? Which are the most popular ways to get paid online? Because they already have a lot of publishers who only make money when their turn comes around. This way, there would be small rewards for publishers every day which would keep them motivated, and some investors will love this idea because, eventually, their turn will come around too. Ok ok. Let’s face it. The point where I’m getting frustrated here is that this whole system doesn’t work well in my country like Malaysia because we hardly have consistent internet connection all the time, even during weekends, etc… Yes, we got 3G internet here at home through our operator Maxis but our average speed.

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