Google pay reader not working

Eoin, I can confirm that Google pay is not working on my iPhone X. I have the latest iOS 10 and am using an iOS developer account. When I launch the app, it tells me, “System error: Could not register with Google Pay.” I tried opening the app in Safari and Chrome (both use different google accounts). The same error occurs when using a phone number linked to a UK bank account.

I contacted support via their contact page but am still waiting for a response. It’s been over 24 hours now, so after trying all day to get some reaction from Google, they’re going to ignore me. What kind of company pulls this kind of crap? Apple, PayPal, and Stripe are okay with providing services without logging into 3rd party systems – why can’t Google do the same?

My only option is to request a refund from iTunes – it pains me to do this as I’ve enjoyed using their service; however, as a small business owner who relies on credit card processing for every purchase for my business, there is absolutely no other option at this point.

When you set up your account in Google Pay, you can create an account in a supported European country – Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, and the UK.

Google Pay is a payment service that lets you make purchases with your Phone. It’s available in more than 190 countries and territories worldwide, including Australia, Canada, and the US.

To use Google Pay on your Android Phone or tablet device:

Please let us know if you are in one of these countries, and we sent you a message asking you to complete your signup.

Please let us know if you are in one of these countries, and we sent you a message asking you to complete your signup. We will be able to fix the problem and help with your account information so that it can be activated.

contact google

If you are facing any issues while reading or downloading books from Google Play Store, you must know that there is an easy way to resolve your issue.

You can contact the Google Pay Support team at [email protected] to get your issue resolved.

You may have heard that Google has a new app called “Google Pay,” which lets you make regular payments (not just Google one-time payments) in your local currency. I was excited to try it as it looks beneficial for my customers who want to pay me in my local currency.

After researching Google Pay, I discovered that users could only use it if they live in these countries (and also users of Samsung Android phones / iPhone users who use google accounts).

I am not from these countries, so I can’t even get the app and test it out, so what should I do?

Note: You have to have a google account but a different email address than the one you are using for the card reader because it will create a new google account (you can read more here ). With that said, here is how to disable and re-enable the card reader firmware. Note: We recommend backing up your device’s firmware before trying this procedure, as we cannot guarantee this procedure will work on all devices. Also note this procedure may void any warranties or customer support provided by Orico and Samsung on your device. Your home country’ laws might prohibit us from doing this procedure. Make sure you are willing to take any possible consequence, so proceed cautiously! Do not try anything before reading first – it makes things easier if you understand what we’re going through first! Here are the steps:- 1 Check whether Card Reader is already disabled or enabled 2 Disconnect power from the miniUSB port 3 Disconnect the main board from the USB port. How-to Disable Orico’s Card Reader Firmware Enable Card Reader Firmware โ€“ First Step: Open up your phone and go to Settings > Developer options > enable USB debugging > go back to settings and help OEM Unlock option Wipe Data & Factory Reset โ€“ Second Step: Go Settings > About Phone

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