Google pay not working with doordash

Google app is a great app that can be found on the play store. Google has been making significant progress in the last few years; they have updated faster than most other companies, dramatically improving their user experience and customers’ peace of mind. Unfortunately, some bugs and glitches come up every once in a while. Here’s what you should do when something like this happens:

Contacting Google Support

At dapper2g, this post is to help people who may be experiencing issues with Google Pay. You should contact google support directly through their official website instead of attempting to find a solution on youtube or any other internet forum or blog post. The steps below will involve contacting Google through the official help center page, which is located here. You will need your issue number, which is located on your payment receipt from google pay. If you can’t find your ticket, please email [email protected] with only “Issues” in the subject line so we can get back to you quickly with as many details as possible before we fix it. To begin, please follow these steps:

After clicking on ‘contact us’ type ” billing contact number ” This number usually appears near your name on every email sent by google support (like this one). Once clicked on the page, scroll down until you see an area where it says, ‘Provide details about your issue.’ Fill out as much detail as possible such as: What phone are you using? What operating system version are you using? Are you running a custom ROM? If yes, what? How long have you been running without problems, before today? Has any recent update made changes to permissions or settings anywhere else? Does something happen only when charging or multitasking? Please include all the information above to help us do our jobs better. Once submitted, please.

Check if it is working.

Contact us if you need help logging on to Google Pay, and we’ll help solve the problem!

Check with your bank if your credit card was used on the app.

Check with your bank if your credit card was used on the app. Ask them to look into it if you are a customer of theirs.

Contact Google through the help center.

If you’re a customer of Google and your account is still active, let them know. You can contact Google through the help center on their website.

If you’ve lost or had a hacked phone number associated with your account, go to this page and sign in with a different email address and password to see if that resolves things for you.

Tell them you are their customer and ask them to look into it.

First, tell them you are their customer and ask them to look into it. If they don’t respond, contact them directly via their website or phone. They can help you resolve this issue quickly!

Google still needs to fix the issue, although the subject came up a few months ago.

Google still needs to fix the issue, although the subject came up a few months ago.

Google is aware of the issue, and they are working on it.

I have been a Google customer for years now. I use Gmail and YouTube often. Though, I seldom use Google Photos as I prefer to use Dropbox. However, lately, when I tried to upload my pictures from that trip from where we are visiting, it kept failing every single time and refusing to do so. Finally, after a few days of hanging out with this issue, I searched for ways to fix the problem and ended up posting a Reddit thread on the matter.

After the response in the thread flooded in, many of them were asking if it’s possible to link Google Pay with Doordash app so that they could make payment through their app without having to go through the hassle of using their credit card details all over again on their phone or even at home while they’re making dinner/lunch with their family and friends doordash will be more like ‘Bring N’ Pay’ app where you’ll be able to get food delivered right at your doorstep without even needing to step outside your house which is what I was looking for anyway

and yes, if you guys have faced similar issues with google pay, then you know how frustrating it becomes when you’re trying to order something n google keeps failing n re-taking us back n again n again… but no.. did not work!

So I tried another way. Some people suggested contacting Google on Twitter and emailing them directly. So I did both. And well here’s the outcome.

So guys, here’s what you need to do before you try this trick: Go into Settings > Accounts & Privacy > Payment options & select Credit card instead of cash or debit card. Now scroll down & click “Add a new card” Enter your first name, “Google pays,” Last name, “Last four digits, “Card number, “Don’t enter the CVV code (it has 0). Just leave all other s&c fields as default Except the last 4

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