Google pay not working ok

Took a lot of people by surprise. Especially when it comes from the Google CEO. It is not expected that Google search would be linked to google pay. This just shows how much privacy focused android users are. I like that in the recent times Google has been making a lot of improvements for Android and its security features. Maybe we should thank ourselves for being so paranoid about using things out there in cyber space, but yet having our devices connected to it?

google pay not working ok

Google Pay is a mobile payment service that allows you to pay with your phone or tablet. You can use the app to make purchases in apps and online stores like Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, Calendar, Docs and more.

If you’re not able to use Google Pay on your device:

“You’re going to say to me “Japanese is difficult”. It’s more that you don’t understand ‘don’t’ than that you don’t understand the language.

or “The writing system is different.” You should be able to read and write Japanese too. It’s no problem for me if you can’t read or write English. It should be your problem, not mine.”

His translation:

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