Google pay not working android 10

Section: Google Pay is not working on my phone.

Takeaway: You should try this many ways to pay before resorting to cash, even if you hate it.

In a friendly tone

Google Pay needs to be fixed for me.

Now that you’ve updated to Android 10 check the following:

I can’t find a fix.

If you’re having trouble with Google Pay on Android 10 and can’t find a fix, check the following:

It’s time to check out another way to pay using your phone.

Before we get started, let’s clear something up. Google Pay is one of many ways to pay with your phone. If you’re looking for a way to pay with your phone, there are plenty of optionsβ€”some don’t even require an app.

If Google Pay doesn’t work for you and Android ten is still causing problems on other phones, here’s what you can do:

After my previous post, I have seen a few posts about this, but the consensus is that Google Pay needs to update its application. There was a simple fix, but it has been removed from the Play Store. If you are having trouble with Google Pay on your Nexus Player, check out, it works for people using phones and tablets too!

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