Do Gas Stations Take Apple Pay For Gas?


You might wonder if gas stations take Apple Pay for gas if you’re an Apple user. The answer is yes. Apple Pay is a mobile payment solution that works with your Apple Watch or iPhone. It can make paying for purchases easier than using cash or a credit card. This system also stores digital money, making it easy to save money as an alternative to physical cash. You must download the wallet app on your iPhone, tap the device to the payment system, and verify your identity with Face ID or by entering a pin code.

Exxon Mobil

With Apple Pay, customers can now use their iPhones to pay for their gas at Exxon Mobil gas stations. The app uses GPS to determine your location and shows you the closest pump. Once you’ve selected the pump you want, scan the QR code or use the customized symbol on the pump’s sensor to confirm the payment. The app will also print a paper receipt for you and track your purchase history.

Apple Pay is convenient and secure. You don’t have to share your credit card number with the retailer – a unique transaction code will be created for each transaction. You can choose which debit or credit card to use, although the Apple card is the default. You can also use the Apple Maps app to find nearby gas stations.

ExxonMobil has locations in several states and more than 200 franchise locations. Most of its gas stations are in New York and California. Apple Pay is now accepted at ExxonMobil gas stations, but you must download the ExxonMobil Rewards + app. Other gas station chains that accept Apple Pay include Family Express, which has 70 locations in central Indiana.

Apple Pay has also made its way to the convenience store chain Wawa. It now has more than 600 gas stations and accepts Apple Pay for gas. The app can be used on an iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad to pay for gas. Apple Pay also eliminates the need for card numbers, as a unique transition OTP replaces them during the payment process.

Apple Pay also helps protect your financial information. Your data remains private, which lowers cybersecurity risks. Before paying for gas, hold your iPhone near the pump’s NFC reader. After completing the payment, you can use Face ID, Touch Id, or a passcode to authenticate your identity.

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Apple Pay is also accepted at certain Meijer Express gas stations. You must download the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app to use Apple Pay at these locations. It is also possible to use Apple Pay for gas in Kum & Go gas stations. But to use Apple Pay at Kum & Go, you must link your e-wallet to your Adventure Club card.


You can use Apple Pay at Texaco gas stations if you’re an iPhone user. This popular payment method accepts several credit and debit cards, making it an easy and convenient way to pay for gas. It’s also compatible with the Apple Watch.

Texaco is an American convenience store chain with more than 500 locations. Its latest version of Apple Pay accepts contactless payments at gas pumps. The service works with Apple Watches, iPhones, and other contactless payment devices and readers. An electronic beep or vibration indicates a successful connection. The company’s gas stations accept payments from compatible cards, including Samsung Pay and Chase Pay.

When using Apple Pay at Texaco, it’s important to note that Apple Pay uses contactless technology to verify your identity. It also bypasses a card reader, which is an additional security measure. However, only some gas stations accept Apple Pay. Check if the gas station accepts Apple Pay before you go. You’ll find a list of accepted cards in Apple Maps.

Texaco also accepts payments from other payment systems, such as PayPal and Venmo. These mobile payment solutions are convenient and secure, so you don’t have to use a credit or debit card. If you prefer, you can also use a gift card such as an American Express gift card.

The company also has a smartphone app that lets customers pay using Apple Pay. This app also allows customers to store payment information on their smartphones, so they don’t have to carry their wallets. You can also pay using Apple Pay at convenience stores like Wawa. Most of them accept Apple Pay and offer Apple Pay to their customers.

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ExxonMobil is another popular gas station that accepts Apple Pay. While it doesn’t have a nationwide network, its gas stations are widespread in the United States. To use Apple Pay at ExxonMobil, you must download the ExxonMobil Rewards + app.


If you’re looking for a place to get gas on your iPhone, you should know that Sunoco gas stations accept Apple Pay. The company has over 5000 gas stations in the United States and has partnered with Apple to make it easier for its customers to pay with the mobile payment system. To take advantage of Apple Pay, you must download the Sunoco app on your iPhone.

The app is free and allows you to pay for gas at Sunoco gas stations. You can use Apple Maps to locate a gas station nearby and its ‘ tap-to-pay feature to pay for your gas. This method eliminates the need to carry cash and is much safer. In addition, the payment system does not give out your financial information to merchants, making it easier than ever for you to pay for gas.

In addition to Sunoco gas stations, Texaco and Wawa also accept Apple Pay. Regardless of the type of gas you need, you can now pay for gas with your smartphone by using Apple Pay. Unlike carrying cash, Apple Pay is also secure and will protect your identity from fraudulent sellers.

Apple Pay for gas is easy to use and is an excellent choice for people who want to avoid carrying credit cards. It is easy to use with your iPhone or Apple watch. To use Apple Pay for gas at Sunoco, you’ll need to download the app, which can be found through Apple Maps.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that lets you pay for gasoline through apps, stores, and online. It replaces the traditional credit card and provides a more secure and convenient way to pay. All you need is an iPhone and a supported debit or credit card.

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Apple Pay is fast and secure. With a few taps on your iPhone, you can pay for your gas with Apple Pay at many gas stations. Apple Pay can be used with your iPhone or Apple Watch and works on many iOS devices.

Circle K

Apple Pay is now a convenient payment option at Circle K gas stations. The new app connects to the pump number and allows Apple Pay payments at Circle K gas stations. Alternatively, you can use other payment methods. Apple Pay offers several benefits. You can make payments more quickly, get your gas, and avoid carrying around a wallet.

Apple Pay has become increasingly popular among consumers. Many retailers accept it, including Circle K, a convenience store and gas station. But the gas station only agrees with this payment method at select locations. You can also check whether Apple Pay is available at your local Circle K gas station by visiting Apple Maps.

Apple Pay is a secure contactless payment method that works with Apple products. It offers added security compared to traditional credit cards because it does not share your financial information with the merchant. Currently, 32 gas stations in the US accept Apple Pay. The company is rolling out Apple Pay at more locations.

There are many Circle K locations across the United States. Circle K accepts Apple Pay at their most popular locations, but only some of them. Circle K is a global brand and has integrated new technologies into its gas station experience. If you want to experience Apple Pay at Circle K, use this payment method.

Apple Pay works with both debit and credit cards. Tap the Apple Pay symbol and follow the instructions to pay for gas. You can also use Face ID or Touch ID to verify your identity. Apple Pay is a fast, convenient way to pay for gas. Just remember to follow the directions at the pump.

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In addition to Circle K, Chevron and CITGO also accept Apple Pay at their stations. Apple Pay is available in many states and can be used at many locations.

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