Discover What Fast Food Restaurants Use Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay has been a big deal for fast food restaurants. There are a few different reasons why Apple Pay has become popular, but it is clear that Apple Pay has become an integral part of the fast food industry. Whether you use it at the Apple store or a restaurant, Apple Pay can be a fun and exciting way to pay for items, and it is becoming increasingly popular.


Despite its reputation, Arby’s does not use Apple Pay. Instead, it uses a plethora of other methods. Among them are mobile payments, Visa touchless payment option, and debit cards compatible with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a contactless payment system that requires users to hold their devices near a reader. After this process is complete, the information gathered is stored securely on the device.

Apple Pay uses a one-time security code to authorize the transaction. There is also a feature that allows customers to review their purchases.

Apple Pay has numerous benefits, but some companies prefer upgrading their payment terminals. Besides, some customers prefer the convenience of debit or credit cards.

Some Arby’s locations do not have Apple Pay-compatible registers. This could be because the technology required for Apple Pay is only available to some retailers. Nevertheless, it is a great way to skip the queue.

Arby’s also uses a mobile application that allows customers to order ahead, skip the line at the register, and save their favorite menu items. This app even has a feature that allows users to place an order in advance using Apple Pay.


Whether you love Applebee’s or hate it, you may wonder how the restaurant chain uses Apple Pay. After all, they’ve invested heavily in their mobile app and ordering experience, and this new technology could be a massive boost to their bottom line.

There are two ways Applebee uses Apple Pay: via their mobile apps and tablet readers at restaurants. However, the technology required to accept these wallets is costly and may need more time to be ready for widespread implementation.

Applebee’s mobile app allows customers to order food ahead of time and pay for it while on the way to the restaurant. This is a new concept that Applebee’s is implementing at select restaurants.

Customers can also use Applebee’s gift cards to pay for their meals. Applebee’s gift cards range in value from $20 to $50. Applebee sells these cards in physical form and as digital gift cards.

Applebee has also redesigned its mobile app to better engage with its customers. This allows customers to order food and pay for it in the app, which makes ordering a more convenient experience.

Au Bon Pain

Among the hundreds of fast food eateries that accept Apple Pay, Au Bon Pain is the latest to do so. The restaurant chain, which boasts more than 200 locations across the country, uses Apple’s payment platform to enable customers to pay for items with the iPhone.

According to the company, more than two million locations across the country now accept Apple Pay, making it one of the most ubiquitous payment systems in the country. The company’s mobile app allows customers to pay for their orders using Apple Pay’s signature card reader. Other features include ABP Pickup, a service that lets customers pick up their food in the restaurant, and a loyalty program that allows customers to earn reward points for purchases.

While there’s no official Apple Pay statistic to track, it’s safe to say that Au Bon Pain’s mobile app is one of the most popular apps in its category. According to a company spokesperson, the app has been downloaded more than a million times. It allows customers to order ahead, save their past orders, and take advantage of Au Bon Pain’s club, which offers members rewards and specials.


Using Apple Pay to order your favorite treat is a no-brainer. However, many restaurants need more time to be ready to roll out the red carpet. How can you tell if your favorite fast food joint is in the know?

The best way to do it is to take advantage of their Apple Pay iPhone kiosk. This way, you can order your favorite snack, pay with your iPhone and get your credit card in a safe, secure location.

It’s also possible to order from Crumble using their iOS app. This way, you can request a variety of signature cookie flavors and have them delivered straight to your door. The best part is you can get them warm or chilled. This is something that you can only do in some fast-food restaurants.

Crumble also sells ice cream to complement its cookies and doughnuts. In the summer months, many consumers opt for soft-serve ice cream. The best part is that you can carry your meal in style using the disposable containers ubiquitous in the industry.

Shake Shack

Whether you’re ordering online or in-restaurant, guests can pay with Apple Pay using the Shake Shack app. It is currently available at select locations.

The Shake Shack app will also remember previous orders and provide more personalized service. Users can also add Shake Shack gift cards to their Apple Pay wallet.

Shake Shack is a famous American fast-food restaurant chain with over 200 locations in the United States and more than 250 worldwide. The company specializes in hamburgers, milkshakes, shakes, fries, and craft beer. It also offers free refills on fountain drinks and wine.

Shake Shack has also partnered with Uber Eats, a food delivery service. They have launched an in-app delivery test at three Miami locations and are considering expanding the test to more places.

Shake Shack has also announced a strategic partnership with FreedomPay, a payment processing company. The two companies are collaborating to roll out Next Level Commerce (TM) solutions across over 200 Shake Shack locations in the United States. This new technology will enable guests to pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay within the Shake Shack app.

Smoothie King

Using Apple Pay is easy to make your Smoothie King purchases a breeze. The card is accepted at any Smoothie King POS location and is available for use at merchandise locations. The Smoothie King app is also ready to take advantage of Apple Pay, and you can earn 2% Daily Cash for using the card.

The Smoothie King app is also a great way to track your order, and you can even order ahead for your next visit. The Smoothie King app also features a rewards program that allows you to earn free drinks and smoothies. The app also features a mobile ordering feature, enabling you to make your order while on the go. The app also allows you to save your favorite smoothies and drink recipes for later, as well as a special welcome offer.

Apple Pay has certainly made your life easier, and with Smoothie King’s new iPad POS system, you’ll be able to make your transactions more efficient and secure.


Using Apple Pay is a convenient way to pay for your food. You can pay at over two million retailers, including restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and coffee chains, using your Apple Watch or iPhone. You can also use it at ATMs.

Apple Pay allows you to pay for your food at Wendy’s restaurants. You can pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch with your credit or debit card. You can also pay with Apple Pay Cash, a digital wallet that you can use to pay for purchases in Apple Pay-enabled stores. The digital wallet can be used at ATMs, but you cannot withdraw.

You’ll need your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad to use Apple Pay at Wendy’s. You’ll also need to store your credit or debit card in Apple Wallet.

When ready to purchase at a Wendy’s location, open the Apple Wallet app and select the card you want to pay with. You’ll then be asked to authenticate your card. If your phone has a Touch ID scanner, you’ll need to press the scanner with your finger. You’ll be asked to enter your password if you don’t have a Touch ID scanner.

Burger King

Currently, Burger King does not accept Apple Pay. However, they have a mobile application that lets customers place their orders, track them, and earn rewards. In addition, the mobile app allows store managers to check inventory levels, track their orders, and find exclusive offers.

Burger King uses PayPal, which is an online payment platform. PayPal also has a competitor, Venmo. To place an order, users can use a credit card, debit card, or a virtual card stored in their phone’s virtual wallet.

Burger King also accepts cash. Customers can pay with cash or a debit card at the restaurant or online. In addition, the company allows customers to pay with a gift card through its app. Customers can add a digital gift card to their Burger King account.

Apple Pay is fast and secure. It is an online wallet that uses near-field communications to complete a purchase. In addition, users can send money to others through images.

Apple Pay is available in many fast-food restaurants. Other companies that accept Apple Pay include McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, Firehouse Subs, and Popeyes.

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