Is God’s Love Reckless?

The Bethel Music artist Cory Asbury’s song «Is God’s Love Reckless?» comes from Jesus’ parable in Luke 15. The song’s meaning is that God’s love is reckless. In other words, it isn’t safe, but it’s worth risking everything to receive it.

It’s never irresponsible.

In the Bible, God is described as a God of love. This love is expressed in many ways. Perhaps one of the most famous descriptions is that God’s love is «reckless.» However, we should not read this term to exclude other types of love.

The song author was not necessarily trying to say that God’s love is reckless. He may have been using it to illustrate a positive example of God saving a child. However, the word «reckless» has negative connotations. This is why it is essential to understand the context of this word.

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